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Envy Salon to celebrate 10th-year anniversary

By Staff | Jul 10, 2015

Opening any business is never easy. Felicia Taylor, owner of the Envy Salon at 1333 Cape Coral Parkway in the Big John Shopping Center, knows that first hand.

In her 10 years in business she has faced tragedy, economic disaster and other adversity. Despite that, she has been able to persevere with the help of her customers and stylists who, to Taylor, have become her second family.

On Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m., Envy will hold a 10-year anniversary celebration which will feature wine and cheese as well as giveaways for hair care products, wine and chocolate every hour.

Each stylist will bring in a wine of their choice from 10 different destinations around the world. Models will also be on hand to show off some of their more creative hairstyles.

“We’re still here. That says a lot about all of us. We get along great. We’re like family and we stick together,” Taylor said, adding that it is unusual for a place that has booth rentals. “We want everyone to come by and celebrate with us.”

Taylor, who had been a nail tech for 20 years, opened the salon with her sister, Isabel Perez, who was a hairdresser, in 2005, where Stefan’s Beauty Studio was located.

“We wanted a place where we enjoyed working and had our own environment,” said Taylor, who went back to school to become a hairdresser six years ago.

In 2008, the economy took a nosedive, making it difficult for her, or anybody, to stay afloat. Still, she managed, but it came at a cost. Three years later, Isabel moved to California for a better opportunity, leaving Felicia to run the salon herself.

The worst came last year: Her husband of 27 years died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving her to raise her two sons alone.

“It was hard, but my great team and friends helped me. Many have been here for 10 years and even longer,” Taylor said. “Even the clients, everyone is treated like family. We love cracking each other up.”

There isn’t much Envy doesn’t offer. They do color, cuts, straightening, extensions, acrylics, shellac, manicures, pedicures, and much more, Taylor said.

If anyone deserves a celebration, it’s Taylor, most of the hairdressers said, who has created an atmosphere where people want to come to work.

“It’s been a fantastic salon both before her and once she came here and we’ve become very good friends,” said Carina Sommers, who has been at the salon since it was Stefan’s. “It’s a good working environment.”

“It’s been different working with 11 women. It’s like having 11 sisters. We’re here for each other. We’re our biggest support system,” said Bradley Hicks, the only male at the salon. “This is our second family and we have each other’s back.”

For more information, call 542-6303.