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Election qualification concludes today at noon

By Staff | Jul 10, 2015

The list of candidates to qualify for the upcoming election for the four open city council positions has gotten bigger.

As of Thursday afternoon, most of the candidates who had been listed as running had qualified to run in districts 2, 3, 5, and 7.

District 2 appears to be the most competitive race, featuring incumbent John Carioscia, Michael Bogliole, Kirk Lagrasta and Richard Repasky. Another candidate, Sean Snyder, had yet to formally qualify by filing the final paperwork to appear on the municipal ballot.

Bogliole was reported to have withdrawn, but the information was the result of an error.

Bogliole confirmed in a phone call Wednesday that he was indeed still in the race, saying he had inadvertently sent what was meant for something else.

“It was an old e-mail that I inadvertently sent. They sent me an e-mail and I said I was still in the running. It was a mistake on my part,” Bogliole said.

His listing on the candidates list had not been updated in time for Wednesday publication.

In District 3, Chris Cammarota and Jerome Doviak have qualified while a third, Marilyn Stout, was expected to qualify Thursday, according to Kimberly Bruns, interim assistant city clerk.

In District 7, Timothy Barrier, Jessica Cosden, and Samuel Fisher had all qualified to Derrick Donnell’s seat. Donnell cannot seek re-election as he is term-limited out.

If these three districts continue as expected, there will be a primary on Sept. 15 to determine the top two candidates who will square off in the Nov. 3 general election.

Also, if things continue as they are, Rana Erbrick will run unopposed in District 5 as she is the only declared candidate as Thursday. Should that remain the case, she will automatically earn a second term, according to the Lee County Supervisor of Elections office.

Candidates have until noon today to get all their materials in order. Materials candidates must turn in include:

A $292.71 fee, which includes a $100 filing fee plus the Election Assessment fee of 1 percent of the council member’s annual salary of $19,270.69.

A financial disclosure form must also be completed, as well as showing a voter registration card. They must also declare what bank they’ll use as a depository, a statement of candidacy, the candidate oath and sign that they are familiar with the election handbook.

The city has a packet prospective candidates can get with all the required forms and a checklist to help them be sure everything is in.