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A waste of 40 bucks

By Staff | Jul 8, 2015

To the editor:

Membership in COTI costs $40 a year.

In most organizations, a dues paying member can express an opinion but the self-appointed COTI board of directors isn’t interested in our ideas and actively discourages us from speaking out at the annual meeting.

Perhaps, that is why there is such a dismal attendance at the meetings. One would think that the board of directors would poll members prior to endorsing a candidate for political office.

Instead, the directors spent our dues to endorse a candidate in the last city council election without consulting the members. David Bath, president of COTI has already endorsed Mr. Ruane’s candidacy for the Lee County Commissioners.

Will he use our dues to buy advertisements? Why are there never committee reports or minutes of the directors meetings reported to the membership?

Why is there so much secrecy about the directors meetings?

COTI is supposed to protect Sanibel’s environment and good government. Why then, didn’t the directors speak out on the Doc Ford restaurant issue or take an interest in traffic?

A few years ago, COTI brought up the island’s carrying capacity but when Mayor Ruane nixed the idea, COTI remained silent. In the interest of good government, why didn’t COTI enquire into the Mayor’s alleged padded expenses or why the city manager’s salary and benefits exceed that of Chicago’s Mayor?

The directors have become lap dogs for the chamber of commerce and the city council. If COTI is to retain the faith of Sanibel’s citizens, it is time to call a meeting of the entire membership, hold an unbiased election for new directors and reform the organization.

Dr. John Raffensperger