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Faces on Faith: Why I love America

By Staff | Jun 24, 2015

Soon we will celebrate our Independence as a nation.

For nearly 240 years America has stood as a beacon of freedom and hope to the world.

As the parade makes it way down Periwinkle on the morning of July 4, and as we gather around the bay for spectacular fireworks we give thanks for America!

I love the diversity of America. As immigrants have flocked to this great land over the years, God has painted a beautiful tapestry of diverse cultures and peoples.

We have all been enriched by that diversity.

I love the freedoms America affords.

A few years ago a Hindu temple was being constructed in Fort Myersand a few protested. I said to my son, “While I am not a Hindu, I will fight for their right to practice their religion freelybecause this is America.”

I love the benevolence of America.

We have been accused of trying to be the policeman of the planet, sticking our nose in where it is unwanted.but it has been our benevolent hand that has been stretched forth for the cause of human rights, oppression and poverty.

America ranks number one in benevolent funds that are distributed around the globe giving over 212 Billion dollars.

We also rank number one is volunteer service to oppressed and poverty ridden nations. No nation comes close to the compassionate reach of America to a world in need.

I love the Foundation of Judeo-Christian principles that makes America great. Recently we had General Gerald Boykin speak here on Sanibel.

I was struck by his comment about democracy. He said that the reason democracy would not work in countries that do not embrace Judeo-Christian truth is that if God is not seen as just, compassionate, and forgiving.and mankind is not seen as “other-centered” democracy has no foundation upon which to stand.

I love that America is a place of hope and new beginnings. A few years ago a dear friend passed away who was a survivor of Pearl Harbor.

He was an honored and decorated soldier for his brave service. He was laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery, with a Japanese American presiding over his funeral.

I saw that as profoundly and beautifully representative of America!

We face many challenges in America today.

My heart aches for many of the choices we are making, many which I believe undermine the Judeo-Christian principles that have kept this nation great.

But I hold hope for America.and I would encourage us to stand together on our knees on July 4th and pray for America.

America, America. God shed His grace on thee. And crown thy good, with brotherhoodfrom sea to shining sea.

-Daryl Donovan Senior Pastor at the Sanibel Community Church.