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Updated: Entangled manatee released

By Staff | May 29, 2015


A manatee that looked to be in distress Friday morning swam down the canal unharmed after the police marina unit provided it with some assistance.

Eric Feichthaler said before he saw the manatee’s snout surface for air in the canal behind his building, he saw a white crab trap ball go up and down in the water, but did not think anything of it. What appeared to be nothing, turned into watching a manatee swim back and forth for nearly an hour in the canal.

The manatee was spotted behind Burandt, Adamski & Feichthaler, P.L. office off Cape Coral Parkway East. The canal is about 1,000 feet from the Caloosahatchee River.

Since the manatee stayed in the same area, Feichthaler was concerned that it might be caught. He said there was a 10 foot black rope that looked to be tangled around the manatee, preventing it from swimming too great of a distance.

“We care about the environment and animals,” he said, which is why he called for help.

Within 10 to 15 minutes after the phone call was made, the police marina unit arrived. Feichthaler said they were able to pull the 10-foot black rope off the manatee without any issues.

“The police were able to pull it off with ease,” he said.

Feichthaler said he spots otters, fish and sometimes manatees in the canal behind his office. He said the manatees seldom visit that portion of the canal because there is no warm water.

Original post:

A entangled manatee trapped behind a canal behind the law offices of Burandt, Adamski & Feichthaler at 1714 Cape Coral Parkway was quickly released, thanks to the efforts of the Cape Coral Police Department Marine Unit.