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Cape cook culls ‘Blue Ribbon’ for Greek Bruschetta recipe

By Staff | May 22, 2015

A Cape Coral resident of almost 25 years won a blue ribbon from a cooking club she joined four years ago for a recipe she created.

“It was very surprising,” Letizia Tripp said. “This is the first time I have won a Blue Ribbon. With all my good Italian main dishes, this is the only one that got voted. This is just a simple appetizer.”

Just a Pinch Food Editor Janet Tharpe named Tripp’s recipe, Greek Bruschetta, a blue ribbon winner.

Greek Brushetta is refreshing and tangy, which she said is perfect for summer weather. Tripp created the recipe as a spinoff of her Italian Bruschetta.

“This bruschetta is different. It has different flavors and you have to chop everything up and let it marinade for a while,” she said, before putting it on toasted Italian bread.

The club, Just a Pinch, offers the opportunity for members to post their recipes and vote on their favorites, as well as “pin” them to their box. Tripp is one of more than 400 Cape Coral residents who shares recipes on the social network.

“I guess I got enough votes, they voted on it and that’s how I got a Blue Ribbon,” she explained.

As a Blue Ribbon winner, Tripp received a ribbon with a magnet that she has on her refrigerator.

She said her experience with Just a Pinch has been a great one because of the friendships she has made. Tripp said individuals can also start their own club, which she did and named it Authentic Italian Cooking and More.

“You get to meet these people online,” she said. “I became friends with quite a few of them. One of them I became very good friends with and we talk every day.”

The love of cooking began years ago and is now a passion. Although her favorite and best dishes are of Italian cuisine, Tripp enjoys cooking a little bit of everything.

“I have always loved cooking. I’m happy when I’m cooking. It relaxes me,” she said. “I cook every day.”

Two of her favorite authentic Italian dishes to prepare are eggplant parmesan and lasagna.

She said her family has always cooked with eggplant and the lasagna is a good recipe because it has a lot of meat and cheese.

A lot of times, Tripp finds recipes to learn the basic ingredients before tweaking it and turning it into her own creation.

She also enjoys baking her famous rum cake, which has been a recipe of her family for a very long time.

“Sometimes I take a cake to work and it’s gone in an hour,” Tripp said. “People fight over it.”

The bundt cake is a heavy, moist dessert that feeds anywhere from 10 to 12 people.

“It’s very moist because it has a lot of rum in it,” she said.

Around the holidays, Tripp sells the cake to a lot of her friends, and customers she has attracted over the years. The cake is $20 and can be purchased by emailing her at coolletizia@hotmail.com.