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Updated: Paving project in northwest Cape delayed

By Staff | May 18, 2015


The scheduled paving work for the northwest Cape has been delayed pending a minor correction required to the paving contract. In addition, prescheduled work in the Southwest 6&7 UEP area may require the contractor to redirect resources to that area for at least a week.

The public will be notified as soon as a date has been determined for the paving contractor to return to the northwest Cape to begin laying asphalt, officials said Tuesday.

Original post:

The city is restarting its Five-Year Paving Plan this week with a $1 million project that will bring new asphalt to residential areas in the northwest Cape and southeast Cape.

The first phase of the project will be in the northwest Cape. Community Asphalt, Inc. started prep work today on Northwest 47th Street, and paving should begin on Wednesday. Once this area is completed, the contractor will move to the southeast Cape to pave residential streets south of Cape Coral Parkway and east of Coronado Parkway. The $1 million project will pave 10.5 miles and is expected to be completed this fall.

With the availability of funds from the Fire Services Assessment, the City will add almost $9 million toward paving efforts later this year.

“These funds will allow the City to complete work on major road paving projects that were placed on hold pending the FSA decision,” city officials said in a release issued Monday. “The funding also will keep the City’s plan for residential street paving moving forward. Once the paving plan is back on schedule, the City will be investing about $6.5 million each year toward road resurfacing and maintenance.

“Street repair is a top priority for our citizens, and the City is keeping its promise to invest funds from new revenue sources into road improvements and ongoing street maintenance,” the release states.

Source: City of Cape Coral