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‘The Endless Journey’ leads one down a spiritual path

By Staff | May 13, 2015

Throughout any life, there are challenges which define one’s journey.

Phobias, a traumatic experience, depression and feelings of life treating one unfairly are those challenges which bogs down an individual, as they wonder what’s life all about?

For highly-prized engineer scientist and Sanibel resident David Gaggin, he looked deep into spirituality to help come up with answers to some of life’s most challenging questions.

What resulted was the spiritual-crafted book, entitled The Endless Journey: A Unique Perspective on Mankind’s Origin, Purpose and Ultimate Destiny.

Gaggin offers his spiritual quest ideas to those wondering all of life’s tough questions, with blunt answers without the religious undertones. He uses science and medical philosophies to back up his claims, instead of blind faith, which is a refreshing take for those outside the religious world.

Explaining the nature of The Endless Journey, the book review states, “It explains our nature and provides specific guidance on how to make the most of our lives. (It) offers a positive view of mankind’s future and will change all who take it to heart. The answers to life’s greatest questions are hidden from us, but they are not kept from us.

“However, only he who seeks shall find.”

Life’s mysteries maybe be veiled, but Gaggin does explain clearly understandable explanations of each individuals’ world and the spiritual world.

Some results Gaggin offers in his book includes: becoming less fearful of death, disease and mishaps; knowing the important role others play in life; knowing that an individual chose their life, it didn’t happen by chance and knowing how to make the right decisions, which in turn will lead to a less stressful and fulfilling life.

Gaggin delves into deep subjects as religion and what some certain religions offer, the negative aspects of people such as selfishness and greed and ways to combat them and a host of other advice people can take to heart to help change ones’ perspective on life.

Gaggin has earned degrees from St. Lawrence University, Penn State University and Villanova. He was a design engineer and technical manager for Boeing and was in the Senior Executive Service with the U.S. Army where he directed avionics and command and control R&D.

He finished his business career as the CEO of Cobham Defense Electronics Systems (CDES) Corp, a company he created and grew to become the world’s leading military microwave subsystem company.

The Endless Journey can be purchased at davidgaggin.com/