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Doc Fords and proposed location

By Staff | May 13, 2015

To the editor:

Increased congestion, noise and restaurant back-end odors will not be limited to restaurant’s meal times based on my observation at Doc Fords adjacent to the Rabbit Road multi-use path.

From early November until mid-April, my every other day bike route takes me past Doc Fords on Rabbit Road-more than 70 times/season and usually in the morning.

The Rabbit Road multi-use path is quiet and serene from West Gulf to nearly San Cap Road. Then contrasting with the tranquil setting are the noises from employees tossing empty cartons from the loading dock, odors from trash containers, used cooking oil and food preparation, and box trucks from many suppliers backing to the loading dock to deliver supplies.

All the food and beverages consumed by patrons must come across the loading dock at other than business hours. Since I see the same trucks the deliveries must be daily or every other day.

I am sure that Doc Fords can provide an accurate number of truck deliveries per day. The truck supply logistics and the resulting congestion, noise and odors of a busy, large restaurant are very different than a doctor’s office or bank and occur when the restaurant is not open.

Sanibel officials should also take the negative “non-serving hours” impact into consideration in their decision.

Chet Pardee

Sanibel and Clarkston, Michigan