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Causeway Island disappearing?

By Staff | May 13, 2015

To the editor:

Has anyone noticed what is happening to Lee County’s Causeway Islands?

Answer – They are disappearing!

Why should Sanibel be concerned? Do we want the substantial number of vehicles that presently use the island beaches to continue on to Sanibel?

We do have a parking problem.

I assume the terms of the Bonds issued for the causeway called for proper maintenance of the entire facility. This would certainly include maintaining the size of the islands as they were at the time of the causeway’s completion.

The recent erosion has been substantial. Should we at least discuss this with Lee County officials.

I called Sam Updike, PE with LCDOT. He informed me that bridge inspections will take place starting May 11 and continuing through May 21.

On inquiry, he stated the inspections would not involve the connecting islands. These are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources.

Dale Armstrong