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Please, no ‘roundabouts’

By Staff | Apr 30, 2015

To the editor:

Having come to Sanibel for over 35 years, including owning a home here for 31 years, we have some experience with traffic on Sanibel. The undersigned’s profession involved many years of traffic safety, although I am not an engineer.

I am particularly concerned about any consideration of installing traffic circles (“roundabouts”/ “rotaries”) on the Islands for the following reasons: (1) land acquisition costs would be HUGE; (2) unnecessary disruption of neighborhoods; and (3) they are dangerous and don’t work.

It has gotten so bad in New Jersey, the first state to create these monsters, that many of them are being eliminated.

Traffic is always difficult on any narrow island, wherever it is located, depending upon the season.

So be patient, and be thankful that you are sitting in traffic in nice weather.

Thom Foley