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Hoffman Group boosts efforts at Cape Harbour

By Staff | Apr 24, 2015

Cape Harbour Marina continues to expand its activities and food offerings as Hoffman Group Holdings, LLC works to make the Cape Coral community a year-round destination.

Hoffman Group Holdings owner Tim Hoffman said the company is comprised of four individuals – his wife Meredith, who runs the accounting department; Valeria Voisin, who is in product development and puts on the many events; and her husband Ben, who is the executive chef of the company.

“We all complement each other well,” Hoffman said. “It’s always nice to have a chef as a partner and Val puts the ideas together and runs with it.”

Hoffman operated a hotel in the Caribbean for a number of years before entering Southwest Florida.

“I couldn’t be more happy with it,” he said of the relocation to Florida.

Hoffman said it is hard to believe Fathoms Restaurant & Bar is nearing a year old. He said they had a great season that exceeded all of their expectations.

Although some diners at Fathoms Restaurant were a little worried about how things might change from what was offered by the previous restaurant, The Joint, Hoffman said they received a very good welcome from the community.

“The biggest concern was what we were going to do with something they felt wasn’t broken,” he said. “The challenge wasn’t necessarily broken. The Joint was good, but Fathoms was that much better.”

HGH has had a very hands-on, visible, approach since arriving in Cape Coral. Hoffman said they are always present, which he thinks the community is pleased about.

Through the transition from The Joint to Fathoms Restaurant & Bar, all the employees remained to keep familiar faces for its guests. A few of the changes that did occur were through improved service and additional freedom with the menu.

“We play with the food and mix it up . . . always trying to do something different,” Hoffman said.

One of the menu additions included the braised pork cheek over creamy polenta signature dish for the winter months.

“It is slightly different and has been very well received,” he said of the dish that won at the Taste of Cape and Taste of Fort Myers events.

A new menu will be launched this summer with lighter food options for the warmer temperatures. He said they want to change the menu because they do not want their customers to have a predisposed idea of what they will have before arriving at Fathoms.

“You keep coming back with something new,” Hoffman said. “It’s all about food and experimenting.”

HGH also began its latest project, the French Press, which was the old coffee shop at Cape Harbour. Hoffman explained French Press as the “anti-Starbucks,” stressing everything is made to order, including coffee, fresh pastries and gelato.

The cafe, which offers a comfortable atmosphere for individuals to hang out, now includes night time elements with an open mic night twice a month.

“It has a great vibe,” Hoffman said, adding that now individuals spend time their working on their computer for countless hours.

As of Monday, French Press began carrying a variety of individual Norman Love Chocolates, which has received great feedback. Hoffman said they are one of the first retail stores in Cape Coral to carry the artisan chocolates.

“He has a fantastic reputation in this area. For him to have confidence in our group to have his product in our facility says a lot,” he said.

In addition to Fathoms and French Press, HGH has also played an important role in continuing and enhancing the entertainment at Cape Harbour.

“Some of the entities and events originally hosted by RealMark this year were not pursued,” Hoffman said. “A number of events have become more available for our group to take a significantly larger role with those programs.”

HGH took on a greater role in the New Year’s Eve fireworks show, as well as the annual Water and Wheels event. Hoffman said traditionally, the Water and Wheels event has been fully hosted by RealMark.

“We took over that event,” he said.

Hoffman said they are also taking a larger role in the Fourth of July Picnic event.

Other enhancements include a Chef Table, which is a dinner for $85 per person with a fixed menu and wine pairing.

“It is an outstanding meal that is top notch,” Hoffman said.

Yappy Hour has also made its presence at Cape Harbour. The event, which features cocktails for patrons and their dogs, is held at the end of each month.

Hoffman said Yappy Hour is a Humane Society fundraiser because they are looking to build in Cape Coral.

Every Friday, music is featured, as well as a car show. A Men’s Night was also developed for men who want to enjoy a piece of meat, beer and play poker.

“The reality is, all the efforts we do isn’t so much for the winter months, but the momentum to carry through the summer when it’s slower,” Hoffman said. “Cape Coral has a strong enough presence of year round people. It doesn’t have to depend on seasonal business. The people are here.”

Cape Harbour is on Cape Harbour Drive.