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‘Operation Green Light’ brings in $135,000 in overdue traffic fines

By Staff | Apr 20, 2015

The Lee County Clerk of Court’s office gave residents a one-time-only opportunity to save the 25 percent collection agency fee and restore their driving privileges. To make it happen, they had to show up in person on Saturday and pay their outstanding Lee County traffic tickets and court fines in full and they lined up by the hundreds to take advantage.

Saturday, April 18, the Lee County Clerk of Clerk’s office served 308 patrons, closed 869 cases, collected $135,331 in revenue and 245 driver licenses were made eligible for reinstatement during Operation Green Light!

Operation Green Light was a one-time only event that was held across the state in 62 Florida counties plus three more counties that piloted the event earlier. This allowed citizens to settle their outstanding cases with considerable savings. Many traveled long distances and many arrived at 8:30 a.m. to line up outside the doors of the Clerk’s office that was scheduled to open at 9 a.m. at the Lee County Justice Center in Fort Myers. The Tax Collector, Larry Hart, also sent staff to the Justice Center to reissue driver’s licenses as needed.

“I think this event made a lot of people realize that they really could clear-up their driver’s license and they came in and made it happen when they otherwise would not have tried. Operation Green Light’s success can be measured by the number of citizens who will now find themselves back on track with a legal driver’s license,” said Clerk of Court Linda Doggett in a prepared statement. “It was a well-organized, great team effort and a great team! I thank everyone involved including the Tax Collector’s clerks who joined in to make this day such a great success.”

For more information about the Lee County Clerk of Court’s office, visit www.LeeClerk.org

Source: Lee County Clerk of Court