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Poetic License: There is a delightful production of a classic Horton Foote play on the stage at Florida Repertory Theatre. It’s a remarkable example of a lively comedy that also has the magic to make you think. Even the title makes you think: “Dividing th

By Staff | Apr 1, 2015

Rap Sonnet: We’ll Take Our Poetry

We’ll take our poetry from wherever it comes,

From seniors in rest homes, from rappers in slums,

From housewives in kitchens, slammers in cafs,

From yuppies in condos, from Jamals and Joss,

From professors in colleges and teens asking why —

Our poetry will ring with their laughter and cry.

We’ll take our poetry whatever its time

From free verse to meter from hip hop to rhyme,

From sonnet to ballad from ode to pantoum

Our poetry will explode in one sonic boom.

We’ll take our poetry to wherever it goes

Past horizons of heart to the depths of our souls,

And keep searching for truth wherever it may be –

We’ll tell it like it is with our poetry.

-Joe Pacheco