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Color Vibe 5K returning to Lee Civic Center

By Staff | Mar 31, 2015

It will most likely be the most colorful event throughout the Easter weekend when thousands of runners and walkers converge on the Lee Civic Center Saturday at 9 a.m. for the annual Color Vibe 5K run.

The event can best be described as part exercise, part party as runners and walkers will get pelted in bright color throughout their journey around the fairgrounds. By the end of the event, most everyone will be covered in every color under the rainbow.

And this year’s event is expected to be messier than ever, with color cannons and color blasters on hand to make sure participants are super colorful.

The best part about the event is that it’s not timed. It’s all about having fun without the pressure of having to run your personal best. The runners are split into three groups, elite runners, so-so runners and walkers.

Many of the runners will go out in costume. Many of them wore tutus to the event last year, and there was one runner who once wore her white wedding gown to the race.

After the race is when the fun really starts at the post-race party, where participants go crazy throwing colors around.

Each registration provides entry into the event, a race bib and a color pack. A participant T-shirt is not included, but may be purchased during the registration process, as can additional color packs, which also tend to sell quickly.

As for the color being used, it is made from food grade quality cornstarch using an advanced manufacturing process custom developed for Color Vibe. It is non-toxic, safe and biodegradable, though you will want to keep it out of your eyes and lungs. It also removes easily off the pavement once the event ends and clean-up begins.

Color Vibe also selects one local charity to make a donation to. As of deadline, the company, which is a for-profit organization, had not decided on one. Last year, it was Harry Chapin Food Bank.

Kids can register for free. Adults can by going online at www.thecolorvibe.com.