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Cape Coral Police Department begins use of body cameras

By Staff | Mar 27, 2015

The first police body cameras began hitting the streets in Cape Coral Thursday, officials said.

“In what is being called a ‘soft-launch’ some Cape Coral Police Officers will begin using the Taser Axon Flex body camera systems on patrol starting tonight,” a release from the department issued Thursday afternoon states. “A small number of units will be put into service tonight to test the cameras, the docking stations, IT infrastructure, and wireless technologies that make the systems work. Officers will also get to put their training on the systems, the software, and the new department policy, to use. Additional units will be fielded over the coming weeks, with full deployment of the 60 units purchased, anticipated by the end of April.”

“Any time you have a large-scale deployment of new technology, you will run into issues you didn’t anticipate. By doing a slow roll-out, we can work out the kinks and make the transition as smooth as possible. We are excited to get these Taser Axon Flex systems out in the field and in use.” Det. Sgt. Dana Coston, CCPD spokesperson said in the statement.

Meanwhile, the Fort Myers Police Department will not immediately begin using the cameras it ordered.

“Until further notice, the Fort Myers Police Department will not be implementing the use of the newly purchased body cameras,” the agency said in an email to media outlets Thursday. “The police department is working to improve our current policy to better protect the rights of our officers and the community which we serve. I understand this is a significant topic of interest to the community and we appreciate your patience as we prepare for the use of this new technology…”

The FMPD will provide advance notice to the public before the new cameras are put in use, agency officials said.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department; Fort Myers Police Department