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Oasis High graduation ceremony to be simulcast

By Staff | Mar 17, 2015

Cape Coral Charter School System has come up with a simple solution to a dilemma facing Oasis High School graduates and their families. Only so many tickets are available for each graduate’s families wanting to attend the ceremony on campus at the Shark Tank.

Superintendent Nelson Stephenson confirmed Tuesday that the graduation ceremony will be streamed live to the middle school gym as well as online for viewing on home computers and other internet connected devices.

“We’re definitely heading in that direction,” said Stephenson. “It will be streamed live, we just don’t know which service we will use yet. A couple of companies have come in to check the light and sound and it all checks out good. We also will have video copies for purchase after the graduation.”

One parent last week suggested the middle school gym be used where family members without tickets to the Shark Tank could at least watch a simulcast of the ceremony.

“It’s not an abnormal situation for schools,” Stephenson said. “I’m pretty sure we can get (streaming) done. I get it. We’re doing the best we can, looking at all options available, but right now a larger venue is not an option. Perhaps in the future. These plans were put together before I took this job. This might even be the last year to hold graduation on campus.”

“I just know that we try to work very diligently to accommodate everyone and do the best you can,” said City Councilmember Lenny Nesta, who sits on the Charter School Governing Board as city liaison. “My two kids graduate this year, too.”

Stephenson said tickets to the ceremony, limited to six per student, were issued to graduates leaving some tough decisions for families and friends.

“I’ve learned in the past that, unfortunately, sadly, some students only have one or two family members attend their graduation,” he said. “Unused tickets will be given to others instead of just throwing them away.”

Stephenson said he expects a decision very soon on the live streaming solution.