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Council to consider raises, pay ranges

By Staff | Feb 27, 2015

Two main topics regarding personnel matters occupy the agenda for discussion at Monday’s City Council meeting at City Hall.

One resolution requests adding a full-time employee in the City Auditor’s office. Staff is requesting the hiring of a second assistant auditor instead of outsourcing the position. Approval would give the city five full-time employees in that department.

The other item is a continuation of the discussion of City Manager John Szerlag’s resolution proposal at last week’s meeting to adjust the pay ranges for all non-bargaining employees by 10 percent as well as 5 percent pay increases effective Feb. 14, 2015

Council approval of the range adjustments would cost the city $41,214. This figure covers moving 19 employees currently at the minimum salary range or within 10 percent of it to the new range minimum.

The five percent raise for the affected employees will add another $375,504.

At last week’s meeting, council approved the new contract with the four units of the city’s general employees union. That contract mirrored the 2014 agreements with police and fire unions, granting a 5 percent pay increase for 2015 plus a 5 percent retroactive increase for part of 2014.

Another matter up for discussion is proposed Florida legislation to require local governments to bear the cost of relocating a utility’s equipment if the equipment is located within a utility easement regardless of the public or private nature of the easement.

The city resolution encourages the state legislature to preserve Florida common law by rejecting the proposed legislation and any future attempts to limit local government’s ability to serve its citizens.

Council also will meet in a workshop session at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday at the Nicholas Annex.