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Sanibel City Council Forum series: Part Three

By Staff | Feb 25, 2015

The third part of the four-part series of questions for the three Sanibel City Council candidates vying for the two seats was given and allowed a maximum 150 words.

The election will be held Tuesday, March 3. Candidates include incumbent Jim Jennings, Chauncey Goss and Frances Slane.

Question: “What is your top and most important issue you have on your platform? What do you want to convey to the voters about this issue?”

Chauncey Goss: My platform is a simple one and is predicated on the hard work that has taken place over the last forty years to make Sanibel the City it is today.

The most important issue to me is to keep Sanibel the wonderful place it is to live and visit. I pledge to closely adhere to the Sanibel Plan and the Sanibel Vision and its recognition of the Sanctuary Community Attraction hierarchy that exists on the island.

The experiment that was the incorporation of the City of Sanibel in 1974 has been a tremendous success. The Council’s current priorities: redevelopment, financial stability, and water quality are well-suited to ensuring that the quality of life found on Sanibel today will exist over the next generation.

It is my sincere hope that my sons will choose to raise their families on Sanibel just as my parents and Allison and I have.

Frances Slane: Open government is good government. Government impacts people’s lives, well-being and quality of life.

Whether you believe in small government or a more expansive one, I think we can all agree that government and those that run it should be held accountable for their decisions and decision-making processes.

If the government’s business is done by taking advantage of unaware residents we all suffer. Why celebrate Sanibel’s 40th anniversary if we don’t adhere to principals of good government? It was a core principal of our founders.

Council decisions must be well vetted and discussed openly to promote understanding. The city must strive for transparency, accountability and continuous improvement, not lip service to them.

That should be the goal of everyone on the council.

Jim Jennings: Water quality is my most important issue as it is the lifeblood of Sanibel because our environment is our economy.

Water is vital to our daily life on Sanibel and therefore, is critical as stewards of this sanctuary island we protect this important resource that defines our community.

In Lee County, tourism generates more than $2.8 billion annually creating over 54,000 jobs a year. Real Estate values for Lee County are almost $150 billion dollars generating over $293 million dollars in real estate taxes.

A recent poll by the Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau indicated that 94 percent of all visitors to Lee County identified our beaches as our most attractive asset.

Local water quality can have a tremendous influence on consumer confidence with directly impacts the local economy. The combined impacts of our ecology of our waters can greatly influence the quality of life of Lee County residents.