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Psychic tells her life story in book ‘Blinded by Vision’

By Staff | Feb 11, 2015

Tracy Williams, who lives in Fort Myers and is a nationally renowned psychic, will be at Sanibel Bath and Body (2340 Periwinkle Way, Unit G2) Friday, Feb. 13, from 6-8 p.m. to sign and sell her book “Blinded by Vision”. BRIAN WIERIMA

A beautiful, blonde lady sits in front of you, holding several rocks and crystals, looking into your eyes and starts telling you what your future holds.

She amazes you by telling things about you she has no reason to ever know. You sit there in near shock, as she talks of past people in your life, but have since passed away.

There are no creepy feelings, but just those of comfort, knowing the people you loved are still with you. As far as her future predictions, you’ll just have to wait it out.

This is what usually happens when you schedule a reading from Tracy Williams, who lives in Fort Myers and has been a nationally renowned psychic for the last decade. Her book, Blinded by Vision: The Secret Life of a Psychic, tells of her peaks and valleys of her life as a psychic, a type of life which many people are very skeptical of.

Williams will be on hand Friday, Feb. 13, at the Sanibel Bath & Body Shop (2340 Periwinkle Way, Unit G 2) on Sanibel from 6-8 p.m selling and signing her book.

Be it a believer or a skeptic, meeting Williams is a treat, with her bubbly personality showing through in all forms.

“I can’t say enough good about Tracy,” said Karie Green, who has been getting readings by Williams for the last 11 years. “She has a wonderful gift. Somedays I envy her for having it, others I wonder how she handles it.”

Williams said she was handed down her “gift” from her grandmother, who passed away in her 70’s.

“I was 17 or 18 years old at the time my grandmother passed away, and I felt she passed the torch to me,” Williams said.

But Williams was aware of her gift well before when she was a child.

“My mom and I were heading out the door from our house and I screamed, ‘Stop it, stop it, there is a dog which is going to bite me!’ Mother just tugged me along anyways. When we got outside, a white dog came and took my cookie and bit my hand.”

Williams embraced her gift, which brought both good and bad reactions throughout her life.

In her book, she writes of her struggles through a marriage which ended in divorce, the challenges of being accepted as a psychic and her inner-feelings of what her gift brought her.

A portion of the book is dedicated to her near-death experiences, which directed her life into another direction.

“I had several near death experiences and after the one I came back from, I didn’t remember my husband and that I had two babies,” Williams said. “I started to remember that portion of my life about 15 years later, but I still feel it was someone else’s life. The first half of the book is about someone else’s life, I didn’t feel like it was mine. The second half of the book, that is me.”

Her two daughters, Kelly (21 years old) and Kristy (24 year old) took some time to adapt to their mother’s abilities, but they are a loving family now.

Williams has her beliefs, but they are spiritual, and not of the religious nature.

“I am not religious, but I always refer to God and Universe as the same,” Williams said. “I pray, I talk to angels and I talk to God.”

She credits her angels for directing her through the maze of life and she takes their advice seriously.

“I listen to them, no matter what they say,” Williams said.

Williams has shared her gift with numerous people, either through readings or helping them understand themselves. She has appeared in a bevy of national magazines, such as Teen (2001), Cosmopolitan (1998), Petra (1998) and Globe (1998).

Of course, she also has been doubted and questioned by skeptics, sometimes even harassed for what she is.

One of the normal questions she hears is “Why don’t you predict the lottery and be rich?”

“I have a good answer for them,” Williams said. “My grandmother always told me, it’s not meant for self gain, it’s a gift and it is meant to be treated like that. She told me if we used it for self gain, the gift would be taken away from us.”

Williams does not perform seances anymore (“It’s hazardous to my health) or use Tarot Cards or Ouija boards.

“I don’t use man-made things, because if it’s man made, it can be corrupt,” she added.

She does readings of people, while doing predictions of their future, which in many cases, she has proven to be right.

“The first reading I had with Tracy, she was spot on with everything, even though she never knew me,” said Sandy Davis, who lives in Naples and has been going to Williams for the last five years. “In one reading, she said she saw my name all over in the newspapers. Then came Hurricane Sandy and then Sandy Hook (shootings), which of course, was all over in the newspapers.

“She also predicted where my kids were going to go to college, which I had no clue at the time and it was a few years prior of them even going to college.”

She also said she was documented predicting Hurricane Charley, right down to the Category Two rating it had.

Williams can also do a reading over the phone, since she said she isn’t visually powered, but instead through hearing.

“I can literally tell them what room they are in over the phone and what they are wearing,” Williams said. “I can see them like they were right in front of me.”

She tells of a story of a reading with a lady, who lived in France. She asked Williams if she could find her lost cat, and Williams was able to direct the owner of the cat right to it. All over the phone.

“I have clients from all walks of life,” Williams said. “They all can relate to me.”

She does make a living giving readings, charging modest fees for them, but she added it’s how she is able to pay the bills.

“This is how I make my living and a way I can help people with it,” Williams included.

The vast majority of her clients are repeat customers, many coming back for years after their first reading.

“She isn’t only my friend, but she is my spiritual guide,” Green said. “She helps me understand the next step to take when I am at a crossroads. Tracy helps me take the next step.”

Her book Blinded by Vision is the best way to follow Williams’ unique journey through a very different life.

“Blinded by Vision is Tracy,” Davis said. “It’s her life story and it let’s people know who she is and where she’s been. She is still on that journey.”