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Poetic License: Do not be my Valentine

By Staff | Feb 11, 2015

Please, do not be my Valentine –

Not if you need another’s rhyme

Perfumed upon a Hallmark card,

Not if you need a diamond heart

Or gift-wrapped box of chocolate

And proof of purchase from your mate.

Please do not be my Valentine

If fancy dinner is on your mind,

If money must this way love buy

Then let another your love try –

But up his ante to Corvette,

Or villa, mink or bedroom set.

Please do not be my Valentine

If once a year for auld lang syne

New lover’s passion I must revive

To keep our love affair alive,

Then on the morn of Feb. fifteen

Return our love to where it’s been.

But if these shows you won’t require

Then Baby, come re-light my fire:

Just find and wear that negligee,

Gift from a prior Valentine’s Day,

Tip-toe to my door, bring some wine,

Come in and be my Valentine.