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Support for a teacher

By Staff | Feb 3, 2015

To the editor:

The whole Island knows Joe Angelo, music and theater teacher at The Sanibel School.

He has left his thumb print on Public School Theater like no one else I know. Production after production skillfully showing what the kids at the Sanibel School can do.

I’ve never left one of his shows without absolute awe of what he accomplished.

And I know accomplishment because I know theater from way back when I directed shows as a high school teacher.

Angelo has been suspended by the Lee County Board of Education for some alleged “violation of codes of conduct concerning his work computer.”

Dawn Ramsey, a school parent, who helped Angelo searching for costuming, props and other services for student performances. She estimated that she’s spent hundreds of hours on the internet with Angelo, never doubting his conduct.

She cites one interesting example. They were costuming for their production of “Grease.” Ramsey said, “Keying the words ‘cheerleader skirts’ would likely generate a gamut of results listings, including information that could be misconstrued.”

I could look at one of my granddaughter’s Facebook messages, and see a whole side of the page that could get me suspended as a Grand Pop. If you do Facebook, you know what I mean.

I thank the “Islander” Editor Crag Garett, for his excellent article on the problem in the Jan. 28th issue. Please add your voice to get Joe Angelo a fair re-hearing.

Sidney B. Simon