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Sanibel 8-ball pool league results

By Staff | Feb 3, 2015

Bunt’s Ball Busters beat back a strong challenge by second place Sandycappers to maintain its hold on the league lead. Ball Busters Dave Doane and Bob Buntrock posted 3-1 wins over Jeff Brown and Kevin Pottorf. Jack Dalton and John Riegert again led the Sandycappers with two wins each over Rich Ennis and Ken Rasi.

The teams meet only once more before season end on March 16, so it appears that the Sandycappers need to give up trying to beat the Ball Busters and concentrate on maintaining its narrow lead over third place Sanibel Caf.

Pete Mindel led Sanibel Caf to a narrow 9-7 win over Fresh Legion Crew with a 3-1 thumping of Jerry Welker. The rest of the Caf crew, Rich McCurry, Joe Mason, and Randy Carson, managed two wins each over Doc Lubinski, Nate Buffan, and Becky Skog. Sanibel Caf has now pulled to within three games of second place Sandycappers and the two teams meet each other for the last time on Feb. 16.

Island Lifer Tom Walters posted his first 4-0 outing as he pounded Motley Crew Captain Tom Yorgey to lead the Lifers to a 9-7 victory. Motley Crew shooter, Steve Gordon, arrived from Chicago just in time to rack up three wins over Lifer ace Gary Murza. Kelly Greten and Matt Hall had two wins each for the Lifers as did Chip Gelpi and Dave Kinder for the Motley Crew.

Won Lost

FirstBunt’s Ball Busters 176 80

SecondSandycappers 138 118

ThirdSanibel Cafe 135 121

FourthFresh Legion Crew 129 127

FifthIsland Lifers 102 154

SixthLegion Motley Crew 88 168

Jan. 26 results:

Bunt’s Ball Busters 10 Sandycappers 6

Sanibel Caf 9 Fresh Legion Crew 7

Island Lifers 9 Legion Motley Crew 7

League schedule:

Early A Early B Late A/B

Week 18 2/9 3-5 2-6 4-1

Week 19 2/16 4-2 1-5 3-6

Week 20 2/23 1-3 6-4 5-2

Week 21 3/2 5-6 1-2 3-4

Week 22 3/9 2-3 5-4 1-6

Week 23 3/16 6-4 3-1 2-5

Week 24 3/23 Blind Draw Singles Tournament

Week 25 3/30 Awards Banquet/Money Payout

Week 26 4/6 (Mon) Challenge Match vs. North Ft. Myers

Team 1 Legion Motley Crew Captain Tom Yorgey

Team 2 Sanibel Caf Captain Richard McCurry

Team 3 Fresh Legion Crew Captain Gator Gates

Team 4 Sandycappers Captain Kevin Pottorf

Team 5 Bunt’s Ball Busters Captain Bob Buntrock

Team 6 Island Lifers Captain Jack Cunningham

Matches start at 5 p.m. First number team sets line-up first.