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New takeout service on the horizon

By Staff | Jan 28, 2015

An island entrepreneur with a web-based travel business in February will add a new take on food service.

Jason McKee next month will launch Sanibel2Go.com, allowing users to pre-order food, catering and related services. Enrolled merchants will receive a tablet to accept orders and services, confirm and list estimated pickup times, he said. McKee said he has about a half dozen interested merchants, and would place alert stickers on travel and resort brochures to notify island visitors. A delivery service is being assessed, he said. The service would also assist in wedding planning and family reunions, as well as eliminate paper waste, he said.

A precise launch date wasn’t announced.

“Nobody’s doing it right now,” McKee said, who noted the service will also reserve tables and book catering at participating restaurants.

McKee last summer launched InnJoyTravel.com, a web-based service that matches hobbies and interests to lodging, using social media to link travelers to providers. InnJoyTravel also bypasses the big players in web networking that he says are too focused on profits and not necessarily on consumers, McKee last June said. InnJoyTravel is working but struggling against the tide of bigger rivals, he said.

The Sanibel businessman had worked in the island’s hospitality industry.