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Highfield’s latest novel set on Sanibel

By Staff | Jan 28, 2015

W.C. Highfield speaks about his latest book, “Sanibel’s Secret Bank” at the Captiva Library Wednesday, Jan. 21. BRIAN WIERIMA

Ever wonder what could be hiding in the thick vegetation of the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge?

In W.C. Highfield’s third published novel, “The Secret Bank of Sanibel”, what lurks in the backwoods of Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge isn’t an animal, but instead something with more razor sharp teeth and more ruthless than any hungry alligator.

Set on the island of Sanibel, Highfield’s fiction piece centers around a bank, but this isn’t like your normal, family bank. No, this is an international bank set on world capital domination under the hidden confides of Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge.

“There are some practices that banks do which are bad and this bank hidden in the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge does all those bad things, it’s a bad bank on steroids,” said Highfield, during his presentation held at the Captiva Library Wednesday, Jan. 21. “This is a bank bad in all ways and it eliminates everyone who gets in the way.”

The bank employs only family members who have worked or working there presently, to help keep the secrets. They put up a front inside the refuge to stave away any curiosity seekers.

The main characters, as told in the first person, are a group of young employees who are set to avenge the evil wrongdoings of The Bank. There are plenty of twists and turns, as well as the ruthless actions The Bank does to protect their quest of domination.

Highfield’s descriptions of Sanibel is detailed, which brings the taste of home cooking to the book. It’s a nice blend of the reality of Sanibel’s settings, hitting the fiction world of Highfield’s storytelling.

Highfield has published two other novels based in Florida, including “Streets” which takes place in Key West and “In Sun Down Under” which is about an 11-day story on Fort Myers Beach.

As stated on his website at www.wchighfield.com, “In Sun Down Under” is set on Fort Myers Beach, but he fictionalized all of the names of locations and establishments (to protect the innocent and the guilty).

“Having regularly visited Fort Myers Beach since 1991, I drew on many personal experiences, and worked some of them into the book. The narrative presents an island slice of life with an emphasis on the music of the blues. I strive to strike a correlation between the two,” as stated on Highfield’s website.

His second novel, “Streets”, was completed in 2010. Concerned with the persistent quandary of homelessness in America, Highfield takes a quirky look at how one character gradually alters his behavior in an effort to escape its clutches.

The main character lives on the streets of Key West. He undergoes a series of surreal experiences that have a positive impact on his life. These inspiring and motivating events help drive him to uncharacteristic acts of heroism (text taken off Highfield’s website).

All of Highfield’s novels can be found in local bookstores, as well as Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Fort Myers.