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Sanibel Island Golf Club Men play Variable Better Ball

By Staff | Jan 21, 2015

Variable Better Ball winners included (L to R) Rene Lohser, Chuck Bye, Mick Denham and Roger Triftshauser. PHOTO PROVIDED

On Saturday, January 10th, the SIGC men played a game where the best net balls on various holes was used to count the score: on par three’s three best balls were counted, on par four’s two best balls and on par five’s one best ball. 100% handicaps were used to determine each player’s best score.

The winners were the foursome of Rene Lohser, Chuck Bye, Mick Denham and Roger Triftshauser with score of 104. Lohser was playing his first golf in several months as a result of back surgery. It worked. He shot his lowest gross score ever. Bye had a net zero on one hole. Denham lost his putter on a few holes, but when he could find it he contributed several nice putts. Triftshauser had some good scores but said he mostly enjoyed watching the others play and being the head cheerleader for the team.

In second place was the team of Jerry Mader, Bob Cushman, Tony Baldino and Dave Lewis with a total score of 110. Baldino had his fourth second finish in a row, Mader and Cushman both had hot putters and Lewis’ chipping helped on several holes. Third place went to the foursome of Jim Sauer, Dick Arnould, Jack Schmidt and Don Bradford with a score of 114. Schmidt chipped in on one hole and a very long putt on another. Sauer sank some long putts, and Bradford and Arnould contributed low scores on several holes for a real team effort.