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Committee of the Island 40th anniversary

By Staff | Jan 21, 2015

Former presidents of the Committee of the Island gathered at the 40th anniversary of the organization at the Sanibel Community House Wednesday, Jan. 14. They include (L to R) Left to right:  Larry Schopp, Tom Gilhooley, Barbara Joy Cooley, Mike Gillespie, current president Jim Beauchamp, Wayne Ponader and John Harries. BRIAN WIERIMA

The Committee of the Island (COTI) celebrated its 40th anniversary inside the Sanibel Community House Wednesday, Jan. 14, with a full house showing up, which included 300 RSPVs.

Music was provided by Gene Fredrico and snacks by Catering by Leslie Adams.

Current COTI president Jim Beauchamp, spoke to the reveling crowd.

“We have all worked together to make Sanibel special for 40 years,” Beauchamp proclaimed. “COTI has a unique role on Sanibel as groups of residents, property owners and seasonal visitors. We are working hard to ensure the next 40 years is as special as the last 40 years that we pass our gift on to future generations.”

According to former president Mike Gillespie, COTI has been very pro-active in communicating not only with their members, but with the Sanibel community at large.

Current COTI president Jim Beauchamp speaks to the crowd Wednesday, Jan. 14, at the Sanibel Community House during COTI’s 40th Anniversary event. The event maxed out its RSVPs with 300. BRIAN WIERIMA

Here are just a few examples of those communication efforts, since we began our new Community Outreach program in 2010:

COTI has had 118 commentaries and news stories about COTI published in the island papers.

They make regular mailings to our members and others on Sanibel. Last year, these efforts resulted in mailings to over 7,000 members, residents and property owners.

COTI has over 1,000 members and friends who are on our email list to receive digital updates from COTI. That is the equivalent of almost one out of every six Sanibel residents.

Angelo Migliaccio and his dancing partner, take advantage of the music by Gene Federico during COTI’s 40th Anniversary party Jan. 14. BRIAN WIERIMA

Robin Krivanek and Enid Packard were enjoying the COTI 40th Anniversary party Wednesday, Jan. 14, inside the Sanibel Community House. BRIAN WIERIMA

There were 300 RSVPs collected for the COTI 40th Anniversary party, which provided hors d’oeurves served by Catering by Leslie Adams. BRIAN WIERIMA