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Blue Water Realty now a Better Homes & Gardens franchise

By Staff | Jan 20, 2015

To Aaron Eyerman, Realtors no longer sell real estate or homes, they sell lifestyles.

That’s what the owner/ broker of the former Blue Water Realty said as he announced Tuesday that effective immediately, his company would become Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Gulf Shore, a franchisee of one of the largest real estate brokers in the country.

The company held an unveiling event Tuesday at the La Venezia Ballroom, which included Better Homes & Gardens President and CEO Sherry Chris, who introduced guests to a new real estate platform that will hopefully provide the community a competitive advantage.

“We’re very excited for the future growth and development for the community along with our agents and associates,” Eyerman said.

Eyerman said the “vision of growth” is how the four-year-old company got involved with Better Homes & Gardens in regards to a lifestyle branding.

“We wanted to bring something fresh and new to the marketplace because it’s about selling lifestyles more than homes today,” Eyerman said. “We’ve paired up very well and we’ll be a unique fit for a marketplace that hasn’t seen this yet.”

John Thorpe, executive vice president for the Florida region, said he and Eyerman built a relationship over time, culminating with this day.

“His energy and passion represents what our core values are, so we’re excited we’re here for that,” Thorpe said. “It’s a huge day. We’re going to change how real estate is done in Lee County.”

Better Homes & Gardens has more than 300 offices and 10,000 agents in 31 states nationwide, with the new one Eyerman just purchased at 615 W. Cape Coral Pkwy.

There also is an existing Better homes and Gardens office at 2147 First St. in Fort Myers.

The move could be a game-changer. The franchise will immediately become a local leader with combined sales of $100 million and could create as many as 100 new jobs.

Eyerman said they’re always looking for talented agents who “want to be part of something different.”

The rebranded company will also give back to the community and become involved in events they previously have not been involved in, as well as contribute to charities such as Ronald McDonald House.

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate president and CEO Sherri Chris said the “lifestyle” brand is crucial, as today’s consumer is buying more than a house, but a community.

“They are looking for more information and dream about the next phase of their lives, the design of their home and the neighborhood,” Chris said. “When they’re looking for a home, they can go on the site and look at schools, parks and restaurants nearby.”

Chris said a third of their demographic is “Millenials,” who will drive the industry for the next 30 years. Thus the reason they have built a brand around them.

The agents were excited hearing what Eyerman and Chris had to say and about the new beginning promised by the move.

“We’re very excited to be a part of bringing it to the next level in Southwest Florida,” said agent Gabriela Lennep. “I’m excited for what’s coming for all of us. My being multi-lingual will make this a global experience.”

Eyerman said this will change how real estate will be managed in Southwest Florida, allowing the company to have the corporate tools and guidance led by corporate CEO Sherry Chris.

“A lot of the core values we have, we want to always get better. Today we made the best move we’ve made to get better as a group,” Eyerman said. “It’s a vision of the future and the future starts now.”

To reach the Cape Coral office or for more information call 945-7655.