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Poetic License: I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

(From Sanibel Joe’s Songbook)

I just dropped in

To pick up my supply

Of dreams unrealized

In years gone by,

Loves I didn’t claim

In the lost and found —

Memories that never made it

Up from the ground,

I just came back

Hoping I could find

Some bargain relic

From the junk store of my mind,

An old gold locket

Or a watch telling time —

An unfinished poem

With one good rhyme –

I just passed by

Past where I’ve never been

To start that journey

I have to begin,

Bid farewell to friends

Never sure I had —

Wish everyone luck

If it all turns bad –

I’m dropping out soon

From the last picture show,

Keeping my dice ready

For that one big throw

To clean up the clutter

My whole life has been —

Undoing the condition

My condition’s been in.