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Kindness on Periwinkle Way

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

To the editor:

Traffic is getting heavy, and the heaviest lines on Periwinkle are coming. It is a time to turn in towards the wisdom we all know about KINDNESS.

Maybe one universal kindness could be for YOU to make a conscious effort, where there is a safe chance, to “let someone in” as you go back and forth on Periwinkle.

Four of the hot spots, where drivers arriving at these four intersections could really use your kindness. At Tarpon Bay, at Dunlop, at Dixie Beach and certainly at Bailey Rd., the place closest to the Causeway.

What if you said to yourself: “Every day I’m out on Periwinkle, I’m going to let two other cars ‘cut in’ somewhere on my journey.”

If a hundred of us talked to ourselves like that, it would take away 200 frustrations and potential road rages. And the kindness would grow.

Now, of course, Intersections aren’t the whole ball game. There are restaurant exits, on both sides of the road, shopping malls, churches, shell shops, garages, etc. Two a day should not be too hard to find on your kindness journey.

And if you have some kindness left over, how about waving a thanks to the Traffic Cops on duty at Jerry’s and the Causeway?

It wouldn’t hurt and they sure do help.


Sidney B. Simon