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Getting fit in paradise

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

With New Year’s resolutions of improving one’s physical fitness quickly fading for many people, 22 individuals from around the nation will undergo a major jumpstart on their 2015 training Jan. 25-31, on Captiva Island.

For the third consecutive year, Kathy Kent will instruct her 365Fitt active living trip on Captiva Island, as 22 individuals will train for an entire week at the Sea Oats Luxury Estate.

Kent, who hails from Chicago, Ill., will throw the whole gambit of healthy living at her participants, while living for seven days in the lap of paradise.

“This is not a grab a beer type of vacation,” Kent said. “But I’m not a drill sergeant, either, and this isn’t consider your typical boot camp. It’s considered a fitness retreat. It’s a well-rounded group who attend of all ages.”

The trainees will have a hard time distinguishing the difference between hard exercise and just having plain ole’ fun, while following the 12-step program Kent outlines in her book Living 365fitt Program to Lifestyle Wellness, but as well as living by three guidelines.

“The message is as simple as possible for everyone:

One. Move your body everyday in some meaningful manner,” Kent said. “We don’t care if you walk, run, lift weights, yoga or swim.

Two: Eat good foods with some nutrients in them. Just ask the simple question, is it nutritious?

Three: Avoid bad foods.

Activities in the training regiment will including paddle boarding, kayaking, tennis, a pool for water exercise, yoga on the beach and the exclusive access to the Gulf of Mexico beaches.

“The secret is to disguise exercise and make it be part of your life,” Kent said. “Each year we also bring new technology for people to learn. Last year, it was heart rate monitors. This time we’ll have pedometers, which is a good bench mark to move on and measure yourself. Since it’s recommend for a person to take 10,000 steps a day, why not 12-15,000 steps to get into better shape?”

There will be personal coaches available all week, each specializing in a certain aspect of health fitness.

Kent is the Chief Fitness Officer. Laurie Croft of Holistic Journey, is a massage therapist and yoga instructor; Nicole Miller of Train With Nicole from Colorado Springs, Colo. and Jen Dixon of You Grow Girl Fitness of Chicago.

All the coaches are certified, along with strong experience in health fitness.

The health inclusively doesn’t end there, with the group being fed by two private chefs during the week in Jennifer Karraker-Baldwin and Corrie Dye-Hale. Since nutrition goes hand-in-hand with health, it’s a no-brainer to have a healthy menu available.

This is the third year Kent is offering the week-long fitness trip on Captiva, as it has grown from its 2013 inception, when she had six trainees attend.

Last year, all six returned and added 20 more participants, drawing people from New Jersey to Seattle.

The 365fitt Healthy Active Living Trips have also taken excursions to Phoenix, Ariz., Wine Country, Calif. and Estes Park, Colo.

But the momentum of staying fit doesn’t end with a week in Captiva, instead Kent tries to keep it moving well after.

“All people get a year membership on the website, and they can get recorded seminars to stay in game,” Kent said. “They will sit down with me at the start of the week and I will give them an assessment and write a tentative plan for the next eight weeks.”

To learn more about Kent and her 365fitt programs, go to her website at www.365fitt.com.