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Sanibel 8-ball pool league results

By Staff | Jan 7, 2015

Fresh Legion Crew submerged Sanibel Caf 12-4 to vault into third place in League standings. The Fresh kids had lingered in fourth place for the first 11 weeks of the season and at one time were nine games out of third. Leading shooters in the 12-4 win were Jimbo Gaubatz with four and Gator Gates and Doc Lubinski with three each. Joe Mason won two out of the Caf’s four wins.

Sandycappers dropped into fourth place on the strength (or weakness) of its 11-5 loss to league leading Bunt’s Ball Busters. This is sad but even sadder is the fact that the Sandycappers led the Ball Busters 5-3 before Bob Buntrock and Noah Smith dropped 4-0 wins on Jeff Brown and Kevin Pottorf. John Riegert had three victories for the losing team and sent the League’s former top shooter, Dave Doane, home to heal his wounds until 2015. It should be noted, however, that some of Riegert’s winning shots were very close to minor miracles.

Gary Murza and Kelly Greten went 3-1 in their matches and paced Island Lifers to a 9-7 win over Legion Motley Crew. The Lifers were headed for an even larger margin of victory until Motley Crew Captain Tom Yorgey pounded out a 3-1 over Kip Buntrock to narrow the gap.

Won Lost

FirstBunt’s Ball Busters132 60

SecondSanibel Cafe103 89

ThirdFresh Legioncrew100 92

FourthSandycappers 99 93

FifthIsland Lifers 74118

SixthLegion Motley Crew 68124

Dec. 29 Results

Fresh Legion Crew 12 Sanibel Caf 4

Bunt’s Ball Busters 11 Sandycappers 5

Island Lifers 9 Legion Motley Crew 7