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Paradise at Periwinkle Park

By Staff | Jan 7, 2015
Libby Baird mixes good-natured humor with her lessons of the birds in her care. CRAIG GARRETT
Preparing for the first show of the day. CRAIG GARRETT
Libby Ryan assists in the care of the birds. CRAIG GARRETT
Baird's friends trust her as they would their own CRAIG GARRETT
They say it tickles. CRAIG GARRETT

Libby Baird is the birdlady of Sanibel. She spends a few hours a week sharing back stories, a few anecdotes and educating visitors on the life of exotic birds residing at the Periwinkle Park and Campground. Several dozen visitors on a recent weekday learned about birds residing at the compound that are from South American, African and Australia, with Baird mixing in gentle humor and a more serious note on conservation and the role of birds in the natural order. Baird has managed the bird sanctuary and lent her considerable knowledge to the exhibit for about 25 years. Many of the birds in the sanctuary have been dropped off, orphaned or otherwise abandoned, she said. Times and other details about the wildlife at Periwinkle Park are at sanibelcamping.com/Facebook/(239) 472-1433.