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Faces on Faith: Weather report 2015

By Staff | Jan 7, 2015

This morning when I got up it was foggy-very foggy. Or as my six year old granddaughter would say, “froggy”! I always remember Carl Sandburg’s lovely little poem when things are shrouded in the mists and clouds of fog. “Creeping in on little cat’s feet . . . .” It has turned out to be a lovely day-sunny and warm-but this morning, who knew what the day would bring?

Every New Year is like that, isn’t it? Every January first we are facing the great unknown. What will the year bring? Will we be surprised by some new development in our lives? A death, a marriage, a birth, a change in jobs?

And what of the larger world? Where will current struggles and promises lead? Will this be the year that peace is achieved in the Middle East? What disease will we learn about that previously had been unheard of? Will we discover a new cure for cancer? Will some major environmental or natural disaster rear an ugly head?

So many unknowns. So many things that could go wrong. So many things that could go right!

For now, though, it is all shrouded in fog. Fog which may indeed burn off and reveal a sunny day of joy. Yet fog that may linger, keeping us in the dank and dark for weeks or months to come.

I rely on my faith in God every day.

But it is most important, most needed on foggy days. Because I need someone to guide me along life’s paths most especially when I can’t see what lies ahead.

As this year unfolds, might you be guided by the sure hand of One who knows the way!

-The Rev. Dr. John H. Danner, Senior Pastor, Sanibel Congregational United Church of Christ.