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Business boosts veterans

By Staff | Jan 2, 2015

For Ron Roy and his wife, Cathy, giving back to local military veterans and their families is something that is close to their heart. Through their four local Sport Clips haircut salons the couple donates, takes-in-store collections and participates in fundraisers to assist several programs designed to assist veterans and their families.

Although the programs originate from the corporate office, assisting veterans is something that is near and close to Ron Roy’s heart as his own father was a Navy SEAL Team 6, and part of the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT-21), a group that was launched in 1944, and worked to demolish underwater obstacles prior to amphibious landings.

“My father fought in several wars,” said Roy. Roy further explained that helping veterans is a great way of giving back to those who work hard to help us.

“They help keep our country secure and we wouldn’t have what we have without them,” he added.

Sport Clips’ Founder and CEO Gordon Logan, is a U.S. Air Force veteran and Lifetime Member of the VFW, so giving back to those who have also served starts at the top of this company.

Through Sport Clips’ Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Operation Uplink Free Call Days, overseas phone calls can be made between veterans and their families overseas. The program hosts specific free call days throughout the year for service members who are serving overseas, as well as hospitalized veterans. The calls allow veterans to connect to family and friends in the United States at no cost. Free call days are available on specific days at hundreds of overseas locations using a provided PIN number. All told, through corporate and client donations, more than $2 million have been contributed to the program and nearly 2.5 million calls have been made possible.

The Roys also help raise funds for scholarships to assist veterans who are returning from war by way of Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship program. Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarships assist active-duty U.S. service members and veterans with help in pursuing the education and training at post-secondary schools and trade schools. The scholarships are up to $5,000 each. Across the nation, Sport Clips, and their participating product partners, donated and raised $650,000 for the 2015-16 recipients alone. In this upcoming year, 145 military members will receive scholarships for help with returning to school and reaching post-military career goals.

Furthermore, Sport Clips is the Official Haircutter of the VFW and discounts and special offers are offered to veterans. VFW membership card or Military ID must be shown to receive any of the discount and offers.

To honor veterans, weekend getaways are sponsored by Sport Clips over Veterans Day weekend.

“We treat veterans, and their families, to a weekend of fishing, golf, dinners and other enjoyment-everything is taken care of,” said Roy.

Sport Clips donates a percentage of the profits earned on Veterans Day to these and other programs. They also take online donations, in-store collections, and many salons work on local fundraising events.

However, for the Roys, the giving back doesn’t just include helping out veterans. They also participate in fundraising efforts for local high school sports teams and other athletic programs.

“We offer money-off coupons where, once redeemed, a percentage is given back to the organization,” explained Roy who said that recently one local sports team earned $500.