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Immigration debate should be fact-based

By Staff | Dec 24, 2014

To the editor:

Power of myths or rhetoric stories project perceptions on others to follow fallacies of political thoughts. Sanibel Sidney Simon’s letter commits the same flaw he alleges Kathy Jones of committing in her recent letter discussing the effects of immigration on our great nation. Mrs. Jones should be commended for showing concern for our nation’s safety. Statistics and studies are not valid for cause and effect. Simon asks for facts but provides myths from web pages and percentage studies somehow justifying lawlessness.

Fact, each foreigner who crosses the U.S. border without a VISA violates our law with some exceptions, such as understandably freed Cuban refugees. Our laws are found in Section 1325 in Title 8 of the United States Code. This section provides a fine or imprisonment (or both) for any foreigner who enters or attempts to enter the U.S.A. at any time or location other than what was designated, or who eludes inspection or examination, or who attempts to enter the U.S.A. by providing a false or misleading representation of oneself or through a willful concealment of fact. The maximum prison sentence is 6 months for the first offense and additional 2 years for any subsequent offense; however, immediate deportation should be enforced and is more cost effective preventing frivolous litigation through our courts at our expense.

Fact, 100 percent of all persons crossing our borders unlawfully are in violation of our laws and laws are made to be enforced. Keep it Simple, Simon.

Slavery, crime, unlawful laborers, fraudulent Social Security numbers (felony), prostitutes, drug traffickers, gang cartels, and terrorists, plague our wonderful nation and weak enforcement promotes slavery and crime. These foreigners are major financial strains on our society and the cost of incarceration or processing these foreigners is staggering in the billions of dollars.

It is my suggestion, without any myths or rhetoric, President Obama should follow the law and our U.S. Constitution which designates Congress as the body that creates law or amends law. Obama is contemptuous of Congress and We, the People. I support Obama’s impeachment for these offenses and other prior contemptuous offenses too numerous to list.

Jack Mattachione

Cape Coral