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Planning takes its turn on Dark Skies

By Staff | Dec 17, 2014

The Dark Skies ordinance’s next stop was to the Sanibel Planning Commission Tuesday, Dec. 9.

Sanibel vice-mayor Doug Congress, one of the main framers of the wording of the ordinance, held a presentation of Dark Skies for the commission, outlining it with a PowerPoint presentation.

Congress added that fixtures which are considered up-lighting or unshielded will be excluded in the “grandfathering” clause.

Otherwise, other light fixtures which are not currently compliant can be grandfathered, allowed to stay, in until they need replacing.

“The most important aspect of this ordinance will be educating the residents,” Congress said.

The vice-mayor went on to say the city will need to develop a well-thought out plan to educate about Dark Skies.

Once again, there was support and opponents commenting on the ordinance, with most of the opposition voiced against grandfathering.

Tuesday’s discussion on Dark Skies will be brought back on the commission’s agenda during its next meeting, which is Tuesday, Jan. 13. The ordinances potential first reading for the City Council could be Feb. 3.