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Islanders volunteer for Lions Club health screenings

By Staff | Dec 17, 2014

Kurt Peters (left) leads a training session for San-Cap Lions Club volunteers. CRAIG GARRETT

A new health device wasn’t delivered as expected but volunteer candidates with the San-Cap Lions Club still underwent morning training at the island library.

Some eight islanders on Dec. 8 learned health-screening devices and skills used by the Lions Club in daycare and senior centers, schools and other locations. Lions volunteers check eyes, hearing, blood pressure/blood sugar, body mass at locations in Sanibel. The club this year will expand testing into Fort Myers. Testing is free. The Lions Club medical equipment is paid for by donors and in fundraisers. The testing is equal to about $300 in equivalency. The Club has about $30,000 in equipment.

Results administered by volunteers are given to those tested, who then take a printout to doctors and, in some cases, to the emergency room, said Kurt Peters, the Lions Club member and a retired doctor leading the effort. Blood sugar levels in some screenings were so high that immediate medical attention was recommended, Peters said. Children tested also have some eye issues too, he said, mostly far-sightedness. The Club’s next health screening is Jan. 7. It is free.

Trainees on Dec. 8 learned to handle medical equipment to test for glaucoma and periphery issues, hearing and basic blood work. They had expected to learn to use an updated device that detects vision problems with the push of a button. The Spot Vision screener is about the size of digital camera, is mostly used on children. The Lions Club paid for the screener with proceeds from a Nov. 7 dinner/dance that raised $7,000. The manufacturer had pledged to deliver the device by the Dec. 8 volunteer training session, Peters said. The device will have arrived when screenings resume in January, he said.

One trainee at the Dec. 8 recruitment event included the San-Cap Lions Club president. Bruce Cochrane wanted to answer the call for help, he said.

Eye care is critical in the screenings. CRAIG GARRETT

“I live (in Sanibel),” Cochrane said, “and it’s always interesting to learn new things.”

Testing dates, information about the San-Cap Lions Club and donor details are at sanibelcaptivalions.org.