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Police Volunteer Unit recruiting effort continues

By Staff | Dec 11, 2014

The Volunteer Unit of the Cape Coral Police Department continues to recruit new applicants for the next academy training that starts in February.

Unit Capt. Terry Nicodemus said several applications have been received, but fewer than needed. They are looking to add about 30 new volunteers to the unit.

“The deadline for applying has been extended until Wednesday, Dec. 24,” said Nicodemus.

The new academy starts Feb. 6 and continues for five days, eight hours each day. Those who pass the academy go though additional traffic training and then go on the road for more training in what officers and the volunteers are expected to do.

Unit volunteers are required to give at least 16 hours per month, or just a few hours each week.

“We have about 178 volunteers right now over all three units,” said Lt. Jerry Monroe. “We have administrative volunteers that man the lobby desk at headquarters and at City Hall, then there are 72 in the marine unit patrolling the canals plus our road patrol assisting regular officers at the scene.”

Patrol division duties for volunteers include work the streets of Cape Coral assisting with enforcement of non-moving violations, such as handicap, median and fire lane parking as well as parking on sidewalks or in front of fire hydrants. They also do vacation house checks, direct traffic at crash scenes and commercial parking lot security. They also are assigned to special events, such as Red, White & Boom and Coconut Festival, and make deliveries to the court system in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

Applicants must be at least 21, have a clean record and a driver’s license. Full-time Florida residents are preferred for the patrol and marine unit, but a few seasonal residents are accepted, according to Monroe.

Monroe said the best way to get started is to show up at police headquarters and pick up an application at the information desk. Fill out the application and turn it in and wait to be called for an interview.

“We go over the applications, call them in for an interview and then they go through background checks,” said Monroe.

For more information, candidates can call the volunteer unit at 239-242-3346.