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Who’s watching the watchers

By Staff | Nov 19, 2014

To the editor:

We are on camera, folks, but it is costing us a half-million bucks. Never mind the cost, the poor city workers at the recreation center and city hall are under constant attack from octogenarians complaining about high taxes and city hall’s plans to nibble away at our environment by covering the island with bike paths. Mr. Denham, in his announcement, failed to tell us how many crooks, bad guys, robbers and molesters of the elderly our police force has caught and prosecuted as a result of the existing cameras.

Sanibel must really be a hotbed of crime to require more cameras and more officers. Are there that many stray dogs to catch on the beach? Hopefully, the extra cameras at Bowman’s Beach will capture images of the rosy bottomed skinnydippers frolicking in the surf. Now, is it possible that the extra cameras and more officers are needed to protect the business interests of the peddlers (rum, jewelry) who are on the city council? Also, who has the contract to install the cameras and what is the relationship of the contractor to the city council?

John Raffensperger, MD