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It all happened in three seconds

By Staff | Nov 19, 2014

To the editor:

I readied myself for night time biking. My helmet light blinking attention from car drivers coming out of restaurants. My red tail light protecting my rear, and a front light arcing into the no-streetlight night that makes this island so precious.

I had 6 letters to mail. There’s a drop off box outside the Bank Of The Islands.

Easily made the loop into it, stopped, put my left foot up on the curb, and as I raised my right leg up over the bar and the crate I have bungeed to the rack in the rear, something caught.

Three seconds later, I was on my butt, and the way it works and don’t you ever forget that, the weight of my head found gravity’s pull, snapped back and smacked against the cement.

All in three seconds. I heard the cement, I felt the cement and without a helmet, I most likely would have been found there, bleeding, sometime that night, by someone else who had come to mail a late night letter.

All it takes is three seconds. Please wear a helmet.

Sidney B. Simon