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Faces on Faith: Silence is golden

By Staff | Nov 19, 2014

Election Day. What a glorious day! It seems to be less and less about one’s candidate of choice winning an election and more about the blessed silence that occurs on our airwaves when all the political advertisements come to a much anticipated end.

The number of political advertisements in the weeks leading up to the election is overwhelmingly annoying. Regardless of what side of the political fence you stand on, people of good sense understand that the ads cannot be trusted to convey the whole truth about any individual.

Furthermore, the ads symbolize all that is wrong with the political process, with special interest groups spending countless numbers of dollars to deceive people enough to get them to vote the way they want them to vote.

Yes election day is a glorious day, for it marks the end of the political ads, and they are momentarily silenced at least until the next election draws near. We understand that a barrage of holiday commercials are waiting in the wings to take the place of all the political advertising, but for the moment the airwaves seem incredibly less contentious, almost peaceful.

The relief we feel the day after election day is an indication that we need moments of peace, we need moments of silence. None of us should live our lives at a high rate of speed, no one of us should live our lives constantly deafened by the din of this world.

Indeed, in the weeks leading up to an election, what is needed is not another political attack ad, what is needed is a moment of silence, a time for reflection when we can recharge our batteries and sharpen our focus.

Imagine if a television network sacrificed the precious dollars spent on a two-minute ad and gave us two minutes in our busy day to pause and reflect on what was important. Would the two minutes seem like an eternity? Would we be able to calm ourselves and slow down enough to truly focus?

We are poised to enter what we describe as the holiday season, a blessed season of celebrations and family gatherings, a season that is meant to be filled with gratitude, love and peace.

It is a season that is busier than average, sometimes filled with tensions, often times filled with commitments that sap our energy and keep us on the run. In the midst of this wonderful season it is up to us to seek out the golden moments of silence, moments of peace and quiet when we can rejuvenate our spirits and sharpen our focus.

It is only in these moments of silence that we can calm ourselves, and, in spite of all those things that life demands of us, focus on what is most important.

It is in these moments that we can see ourselves as God sees us, and discern what it is that God expects of us. No matter how busy life will get in the days of this upcoming holiday season, take the time to embrace those moments of peace and quiet when we can truly appreciate all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us by a loving God.

-The Rev. Christopher Senk, Pastor, St. Isabel’s Roman Catholic Church