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Macomber holds 12th annual ‘Readers Rendezvous’ party

By Staff | Nov 18, 2014

ED?FRANKS “Wakians” Cathlene and Chuck Walsh with Bob Macomber, left, holding a copy of his book “Honorable Lies.”

Pine Island author Robert Macomber held his 12th annual “Reader Rendezvous” party, also know as the “End of Hurricane Season” party, Saturday at Woody’s Waterside.

“I have Reader Rendezvous parties around the country but this is my home,” Macomber said. “I grew up here on this coast and a lot of people like to come here to paradise, especially this time of year when it’s cold up north. So every year, and this is our 12th, we have our Reader Rendezvous here at Woody’s. People come by boat, by car, some fly in to have a good time, and unwind in a chickee hut not a tiki hut but a chickee hut. These huts are indigenous to the people of these islands, the Seminole and Calusa. People come from up north to sit under these palms where you get real southern hog roasts, southern seafood, great music, tropical drinks. I have lots of fun with my readers with this event and the cruises we do from the island.”

There were several hundred people in attendance. Macomber’s fans are known as “Wakians,” named after the central character in his Honor Series of novels, Peter Wake. There are 12 novels in all telling the tales of Peter Wake, which weave true history through Wake’s eyes and adventures. Wakians gather from all over the world for Macomber’s Reader Rendezvous and book-signing events.

Macomber has the most fun at these events welcoming his fans, and opening Saturday’s event, with the sound of the conch a rather loud horn sound.

“I want to thank all of you for coming today. I always open these with the conch horn sound. Please enjoy yourselves, eat drink and have fun.”

Upcoming events include an exclusive guided tour of Civil War sites in Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor aboard Pineland Marina’s new boat Island Girl billed as the “Civil War Tour of the Southwest Florida coast.” Macomber recounts the “insider’s story of some little known tales of the War Between the States and how the Southwest Florida region played an important role.

The tour begins at Pineland Marina in Pine Island Sound to Captiva Pass, and to the mouths of the Myakka and peace Rivers. Make your reservations at 239-633-8142.