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Couples take advantage of Cape’s Domestic Partnership Registery

By Staff | Nov 14, 2014

Cape Coral’s Domestic Partnership Registry is up and running and 11 couples have taken the opportunity to visit the City Clerk’s office in City Hall to sign up on one of the two days registrations have been available.

“While we only had a handful of couples register on the first day, we certainly expect the number to grow over the next few weeks,” said city spokesperson Connie Barron. “The registry is in place and will still be here tomorrow. I am sure most of our domestic partners realize there is no need to rush to sign up.”

Four couples registered on Thursday when the clerk’s office opened at 7:30 a.m. Seven more couples had registered on Friday as of 4 p.m.

“Fortunately we have had no issues with the registry,” said City Clerk Rebecca van Deutekom. “This is an easy one that is not different for anyone.”

Of the 11 partners registered so far, eight were same-sex couples and three opposite sex.

“We did not know how long the sign-ups would last,” said first-day registrant Dan Fitzgerald. “We received a registry certificate from the clerk and more importantly two ID cards, one for me and one for her. We did it because as we get older and I had to go to the hospital, without this she would not be listed as family and the nurse might be nervous about letting her in the room.”

Fitzgerald added that he and his partner registered for the peace of mind kind of thing.

As far as business conducted at the clerk’s counter, van Deutekom said its passport service and records requests are far more in demand.

“Those are the two biggest transactions among the activity we have,” she said. “The registry will be way down the list.”

Van Deutekom added that Friday was less busy at the counter than Thursday and that couples showed up spread throughout the day.

“I have no idea how many will ultimately register,” said van Deutekom.

Kathleen Wall has been with her partner for 21 years and have been waiting for this kind of benefit.

“Basically, it was available on the first day and we had been waiting for it, so we did it,” said Wall, a first-day registrant. “We had to take advantage of the health aspect so we can care for each other’s health and hospital visitation. Both of us benefit from this.”

The registry is available at the clerk’s office during regular business hours. It costs couples $50 to register.