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Poetic License: Eighteen years in paradise

By Staff | Nov 12, 2014

(The Passionate Retiree to His Beneficiary)

Retire we did to Sanibel

And spent these eighteen gold years well,

Preserving wetlands, beach and fields,

With IRA’s and pension yields.

Our Sanctuary freed wild life

From human and survival strife,

And CROW was not a bird despised

But a group who helped wildlife survive.

‘Neath stars made bright by true dark skies

Toward which no high-rise dared to rise,

We stood to guard a turtle nest

With you decked out in Chico’s best.

Midst morning walks upon the beach,

With myriad shells within our reach,

And skin-so-soft as insect spray

To keep no-see-um gnats at bay,

We stopped to stoop and sift and crouch,

Put periwinkles in a pouch,

Collected sand dollars, cones and pens

To send up north to freezing friends.

I cleared all permits and built for you

A mega-house just made for two,

With full garage and space for three:

Our golf cart, Bimmer and SUV,

When snowbirds crowded us in the fall,

Slowed Periwinkle to a crawl,

We sat beside our caged pool

And let our heated bodies cool.

Or when the mercury dropped too far

Made love in our Jacuzzi spa,

While outdoors speakers did softly play

To keep raccoons and mice away.

At end of season when the flow

Of sunshine tourists was at a low,

We dined in luxury and had fun

With Kiwanis coupons two for one.

On Periwinkle we cleared the path

Of devastation from Charlie’s wrath,

Restored the canopy and bowers

With palms and trees and native flowers.

Our causeway’s new, a tourist delight,

Curving like a bird in flight,

While pelicans glide and show the way

To magic beaches across the bay.

Eighteen years lived in laid-back style

Upon our nature perfect isle,

A paradise where green dreams dwell —

Rejoice with me for Sanibel.