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Teuber reclaims School Board seat

By Staff | Nov 4, 2014

Lee County voters had a change of mind Tuesday in the District 4 Lee County School Board race.

Challenger Steve Teuber squeezed past incumbent Don Armstrong for the win, garnering 51.05 of the total votes cast in the general election. Armstrong earned 48.95 percent of the votes, according to the Lee County Elections Office.

Teuber held the seat up until the 2010 election, when he lost it to Armstrong.

“I am very happy,” Teuber said Tuesday. “I’m very thankful and blessed.”

He offered his appreciation to those on his campaign.

“It was a very close race,” Teuber said. “It was a very hard race.”

Asked what may have pushed him ahead for the win this year, he pointed to Armstrong not having had a record in 2010 for voters to look at as compared to his record over the last four years this time.

“I think he promised to fix transportation, and he didn’t. I think he promised to fix School Choice, and he didn’t,” Teuber said. “I think those things caught up with him.”

Armstrong did not immediately return a message Tuesday seeking comment on the election results.

“I think Don did an excellent job for the four years that he was there. I think he did the best that he could,” Teuber said. “I think everything that he did was for the children. I respect the man.”

Asked what his priorities are, he pointed to overcrowded classes “busting at the seams.”

“We need to address of capital spending and academic alignment,” Teuber said, pointing out that nine schools in Lee County received failing grades from the state this year.

“We have to address our high stakes testing, our frequency of our testing,” he said. “The amount of spending in our operating budget – there’s just a host of things that we need to fix.”

Teuber thanked the voters who got out and cast a ballot in the election.

“I think we have a good five members who are going to work together,” he said.