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Eagle rolls to second House term

By Staff | Nov 4, 2014

Dane Eagle

Dane Eagle culled a second term in the state 77th House District race Tuesday, capping an earlier victory in the Republican primary were he pulled nearly 64 percent of the vote.

On Tuesday, nearly 95 percent of voters put their faith once again in Eagle, who faced a “qualified” write-in candidate as his only formal opposition.

Eagle, who worked hard during primary season to win his way onto the November ballot, took nothing for granted and continued his hard work through Tuesday. He said he is ready to work on ideas to help make Florida the state in which to do business.

In the end, Eagle received 94.50 percent of the vote, with only 2,268 voters (5.5 percent) penning a name on the write-in ballot, the most noteworthy being Jeremy Wood.

“It’s nice to have it official and be elected to a second term. I’ve been working on some new ideas that I couldn’t do until the election,” Eagle said. “It’s very exciting.”

Eagle, who helped pass 14 bills designed to improve the business climate through deregulation, had more difficult times outside the office. In April he was charged with DUI in Tallahassee before having the charges reduced to reckless driving.

Despite that, voters decided to continue their trust in Eagle, who said he was grateful and had learned his lesson.

“I’ve learned a lot being in office. I had some unfortunate circumstance that have made me a stronger and better person,” Eagle said. “I am honored and humbled the voters have given me a chance to continue what I set out to do. I am grateful and thankful for their trust in me and I won’t let them down.”