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Vote Teuber in District 4

By Staff | Oct 29, 2014

The School District of Lee County easily holds a position at the pinnacle of regional enterprise.

With a budget of $1.3 billion and a daily cost-of-operation obligation standing at $3.5 million, make no mistake – it is a major business, employing an estimated 10,600 full- and part-time staffers.

In terms of mission, there are few entities where achievement is more critical.

Led by its five-member board, the district is responsible for the education of more than 89,000 students spread among 120 schools including elementary, middle, high, vocational and charter.

It is the ninth largest school district in the state and the 33rd largest nationwide with challenges unique to a transient student body where 70 percent of all children take part in the free or reduced lunch program.

Add in the current dysfunction concerning state-required testing, the challenge of improving plummeting school grades and the need to plan for new schools as the economy recovers and there has never been a more critical time for direction at the top.

Let us be blunt here: Leadership ability should be mandatory; the demonstrated ability to analyze, plan and execute for long-term achievement should be a basic job requirement; and a business background would be a plus.

It is for these reasons that we endorse Steve Teuber for Lee County School Board, District 4.

When Mr. Teuber served on the Lee County School Board previously, he promised to bring a business-like approach to a system fraught with problems. He kept that promise and delivered a number of accomplishments to boot: Gains in the graduation rate, a reduction in the dropout rate, and improvement in standardized test scores.

Talk to Mr. Teuber and he’ll strip emotion from hot-button issues like standardized testing, rattle off numbers and stats and talk processes and methods.

Better yet, he has proven he can apply these business practices to making the district more efficient and better able to educate our children.

That’s sorely needed now.

Vote Steve Teuber for Lee County School Board, District 4.

This is a countywide, non-partisan race, meaning all registered voters can cast a ballot regardless of party affiliation or where they live in Lee County.

Also running: Don H. Armstrong, incumbent

– Reporter editorial