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Island poet strikes memories

By Staff | Oct 29, 2014

To the editor:

Joe Pacheco’s poem, “Where Was I on October 3, 1951?” (Island Reporter, Oct. 8), is a wonderful piece that will touch memories of so many people, including myself, who remember Bobby Thomson’s thrilling homerun that propelled the New York Giants to the National League pennant 63 years ago (the feelings of Brooklyn Dodger fans are another and sadder matter).

When Thomson struck I was a second year student at Harvard Law School, just exiting a class in Accounting and the Law. As I heard the news, I saw scores of students running like mad men from the dormitories, where they had been listening to the game on the radio. The frenzy lasted quite a while.

Norman Dorsen


Stokes Professor of Law and Counselor to the President,

New York University