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Sanibel Island Golf Club Men play ‘Sucker in the Bucket’

By Staff | Dec 24, 2013

The winners, from left to right, Jim Purviance, Jerry Mader, Dick Chocol, and Tony Baldino. PHOTO PROVIDED.

On Saturday Dec. 14 the Sanibel Island Golf Club Men’s league played an interesting game called “Sucker in the Bucket.” In spite of the unusual name of the game you play regular golf with your handicap and it is just the scoring that is different and requires some strategic choices. The explanation requires more room than the actual results!

Each player hits only his own ball and the scorekeeper records both his gross and net score for each hole. On the first hole, the lowest net score is recorded at the bottom of the card. In case of a tie the foursome decides which player of the lowest net tied scores to accept. On the second hole the person whose score was used on the first hole is not able to be utilized for scoring on the second, third or fourth hole. Of the remaining three players the best net score is selected and posted at the bottom of the scorecard. That player and the first player cannot be scored on the third and fourth hole. Of the two players left, the lowest score is selected and that leaves one player on the fourth hole and he is the “Sucker in the Bucket” and his score must be used no matter what the result. On the fifth hole the first hole’s rules start over again.

In first place with a net score of 55 was the foursome of Tony Baldino, Jim Purviance, Jerry Mader and Dick Chocol. When asked how they did it they all said that everyone contributed, but they had good scores on all the Sucker (fourth) holes with a natural birdie, a net birdie and two pars. Jim Purviance, known mostly for his tennis prowess, had a three for a net two on their last hole and Dick Chocol said “this team was an inspiration!”

In second place, close behind with a 56 was the team of Fred Zimmer, Tom Rathbone, Roger Cogswell and Bill Sartoris. They won a scorecard playoff with the team of Roger Triftshauser, Dick Warterhouse and Rene Losher who also finished with a 56 and were awarded third place.